Wageback is simplicity. Wageback is intuitive. Wageback is payment Automation!
We feel the best things in life are simple and easy to use. Wageback is a web-based reimbursement software suite aimed to reduce the steps needed to get money back into employees pockets. At the same time, it will also save your organizations critical resources, time, and money. Our mileage reimbursement, expense reimbursement and stipend payment software eliminate the paper shuffle and increases data accuracy.

Expense, per diem, mileage tracking all in one module.


Unlimited number of stipend payments with intuitive approvals!


Frequent trips? Multiple stops? Add all travel stops in one click!

Intuitive user experience on any device


All Your Reimbursements in ONE PLACE with Wageback – Pricing Starting at $5!


Wageback’s Expense, Mileage, and Stipend modules can save hundreds of hours per year.  The travel and expense management software allows staff to concentrate on other pressing issues and cut the need for overtime to get reimbursement payments out.


A solution easily configured to meet your organizations requirements, and works seamlessly with your processes and evolves with your organization.

Payment process time reduction 99%
Approval process time reduction 97%
Data entry time reduction 65%
Accuracy of data 99%
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Tara Bartholomew
Payroll Manager, Olathe Public Schools

Wageback’s mileage reimbursement platform has become an integral part of our payroll process. The time savings was apparent after the first payroll of the pilot program.

GL Coding
Import GL codes from your accounting package to eliminate account coding errors with predefined account numbers.
Automatically update Wageback with changes from your accounting/HCM system. Keep employee and GL code info updated in real-time.
Custom Reporting
In addition to all of the default reports provided, easily build custom reports to meet your organization’s needs.
Accessible on all devices
Easy to use layout and navigation on any device.
Multi-level Approval Workflows
Create custom workflows that fit your organizations structure and business needs.
Built in notifications sent to approvers when their action is needed.

All Your Reimbursements in ONE PLACE with Wageback – Pricing Starting at $5!


Streamline the way your employees report reimbursements, the way reimbursements are approved, and the way you export that information to your accounting software.  All our software products are simple to use and are packed with powerful features to improve business processes. With our powerful API and continued commitment to integrating with accounting software vendors, the maintenance time needed for any of our applications is next to zero.


Pay your employees back efficiently when they spend out-of-pocket money while working on company time.

Digitally Submit
Eliminate paper waste. We offer zero limits to the amount of receipts uploaded and attached to expenses.
Upload Now, Expense Later
Once an employee has uploaded receipts and files, they do not have to enter the transactions or reimbursement info right away. This feature allows employees to save and come back later before submitting for approval.
Track Activity
All data entered into Wageback will be indefinitely stored-allowing users to go back and review their expenses reports and activity.
Set Budgets
With Wageback you have the ability to pay employees per diem. Set specific amounts of money for each employee that includes part or all of the expenses incurred.


Eliminate the manual work and headache of paying your employees for extra duty.

Reduce Costs
Simplify the payment process and eliminate costs associated with paper checks.
Accurate Data
Increase data accuracy with predefined stipend rates.
Time Tracking
Configurable to track time to the minute.
Easy Approval and Reporting
Approve requests in 3 clicks. View reports showing what was disbursed in an given time period.


Wageback is the only software platform with a dedicated module for mileage reimbursement.

Mileage Tracking
Wageback is integrated with Google Maps for accurate point-to-point destination tracking, and the mileage is automatically calculated.
Multiple Offices or Locations?
Reduce mileage fraud by prepopulating Wageback with accurate mileage between all locations saving time on data input and increasing accuracy of mileage.
Flexible Data Entry
Quickly add multiple destinations and/or multiple dates. Unlimited destinations.
Reoccuring Trips
Use ‘FREQUENT TRIPS’ feature for recurrent routes for easy trip entry with one click.
Pricing Plans

From small school districts to large corporations, you pay only for what you need with Wageback.
Wageback can be purchased for on premises use or software as a service (SAS).

For on premises pricing and custom pricing packages Get Started

Per User Annually
Small Team
Up to 100 users
Expense module
Stipend Module
Mileage Module
Per User Annually
Small Business
Up to 1000 users
Expense module
Stipend Module
Mileage Module
Per User Annually
Large Team
Up to 3000 Users
Expense Module
Stipend Module
Mileage Module
Per User Annually
Up to 9000 users
Expense Module
Stipend Module
Mileage Module